The Band Name

As in many cases, this was one of the most difficult decisions to make. We wanted a name, which said something about us. We started off, as a lot of bands do with using our names Uwe (Mac) Glyn and Gerti became “Mac Glyngerti” but that did not hold for long. It wasn’t right.

At one point ( we were desperate ) we were almost going for “For Folks Sake”

Glyn felt, that the connection between Manchester and Wuppertal had to be emphasised, and suggested “The Engels Connection” based on the Fact that Friedrich Engels Jr. was born in Wuppertal (Barmen) and managed the Victoria Mills in Manchester during his earlier years. Uwe and Gerti felt that that could be taken as being firstly political and secondly, Engels could be mistaken in German for Angels – making us possibly a Heavenly Choir!

Uwe eventually discovered the Name after he found that Engels had lived on Primrose Hill in London in his latter life; and so the band name was born!