I once played in a Band called........ Primrose Hill

Those of you, who have visited our concerts will appreciate the name of the CD :-)

Shoals Of Herring clip (Ewan MacColl)

The Queen of Argyll (Andy M. Stewart)

My Borderland (Kenny Spears)

Crooked Jack (Dominic Behan)

Back In Durham Gaol (Jez Lowe / Lowe Life Music)

Moving On Song (Ewan MacColl)

Ready For The Storm (Dougie MacLean)

P Stands For Paddy (Trad / Stefan Nern)

The Rolling Hills Of The Borders (Matt McGinn)

Catharsis (Amy Cann)

Boys Of Bedlam (Trad)

Between The Wars (Billy Bragg)

You Won't Get Me Down In Your Mine (Colin Wilkie)

The Lancelot Cat Jig _ All Around My Hat (Gerti Altreuther / Trad)

Ordinary Man (Peter Hames)

After Hours (Charlie McGettigan)


CD €12
Post & Packaging €2 Germany €4 Europe